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Nexus is a liquid ink pen with a barrel full of rich, pure pigmented ink. The professional quality fine point rollarball is skip-proof and smooth at any work speed and all sorts of wrist angles. All Nexus art pens have perfect laydown up to 2000 meters, offer archival quality, are acid and lignan free, lightfast, opaque and fast drying, and allow for a long cap-off time.
Catalog # Description EAN/UPC Unit of Measure Retail Price (2010)
3155.01E NEXUS EBONY FINE POINT 014173303271 EA -
3155.02E NEXUS SAPPHIRE FINE POINT 014173303288 EA -
3155.03E NEXUS EMERALD FINE POINT 014173303295 EA -
3155.04E NEXUS RUBY FINE POINT 014173303301 EA -
3155.05E NEXUS SUN FINE POINT 014173303318 EA -
3155.06E NEXUS VIOLET FINE POINT 014173303325 EA -
3155.08E NEXUS ORANGE FINE POINT 014173303332 EA -
3155.10E NEXUS LIGHT SEPIA FINE POINT 014173303349 EA -