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Whether used on light or dark supports, Gioconda soft pastels provide a smooth, vibrant color that is favored by artists. The rich pigment works well for shading and detail work, and can be used alone or in combination with conventional pastels or other media. They are easily blended with a tortillon (stump) and can be finished with a fixative to prevent any additional spread of pigment.

Gioconda soft pastels are made from the highest quality, pure micro-pulverized pigments and are carefully mixed with a base of calcium carbonate and other quality binding agents. This lush, lightfast and fade-resistent 4.2mm diameter pastel is encased in California Cedar, which creates less mess and dust particles than traditional soft pastels. Gioconda soft pastels are non-toxic and therefore suitable for any age.

Catalog # Description EAN/UPC Unit of Measure Retail Price (2010)
FA8828.12 GIOCONDA SOFT PASTEL 12 ASSORT 8593539132363 EA -
FA8828.24 GIOCONDA SOFT PASTEL 24 ASSORT 8593539132370 EA -
FA8828.36 GIOCONDA SOFT PASTEL 36 ASSORT 014173302595 EA -
FA8828.48 GIOCONDA SOFT PASTEL 48 ASSORT 8593539132394 EA -