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Koh-I-Noor's Toison d'Or Extra Soft Pastels are made from the finest pigments acquired from around the world. Becasue these pastels are made with minimal binding agents, the pigments are more concentrated nd easily distribute color to both light and dark supports. The looseness of the color particles allows artists unlimited possibilities in terms of tone and richness, and offers superb blending capabilities. A final fixative is highly recommended to prevent unwanted distribution of pigment particles.
Catalog # Description EAN/UPC Unit of Measure Retail Price (2010)
FA8552 EXTRA SOFT PASTELS - SET OF 12 8593539186540 EA -
FA8554 EXTRA SOFT PASTELS - SET OF 24 8593539186564 EA -
FA8555 EXTRA SOFT PASTELS - SET OF 36 8593539186588 EA -
FA8556 EXTRA SOFT PASTELS - SET OF 48 8593539186601 EA -