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Pen Cleaners From a full kit to a simple cleaning cloth, we have all of your pen cleaning needs covered! Our 'top of the line' product, the Koh-I-Noor Cleaner Kit, is an extremely effective toolset for cleaning all Koh-I-Noor drawing points. The cleaner uses only squeeze-pressure, and no aerosol propellants. It can also be used as an in-flow starter for plotter points.

Using the Koh-I-Noor frequently on your drawing points will keep them in top working condition.

Catalog # Description EAN/UPC Unit of Measure Retail Price (2010)
3068 RAPIDOEZE CLEAN 2OZ 014173275936 EA -
25914 CLEANING PAD 014173275738 EA -
30684 RAPIDOEZE 8 OZ 014173275998 EA -
30687 RAPIDOEZE QUART 014173276018 EA -
3068FBC RAPIDOEZE BC 014173275943 EA -
3068S6 RAPIDOEZE 014173275981 EA -
3068SYKT PRESS PEN CLEAN KIT 014173275950 EA -
3068SYR.RED PT CLNR SYRINGE 014173275967 EA -